A list of sites that I have found very useful and visit on a regular basis. Apart from being very useful from an educational point of view, I find them a source of inspiration at this early stage of this exciting new hobby.


My husbands website of astrophotographs. Astrophotography is a challenging subject and images are difficult to capture due to the vast distances, low light levels, and the fact that these objects appear to be in constant motion because of the earth's rotation.

Friends Norma Phillips and Robert Croft's photography website who offer different themes and services who can tailor a shoot to suit specific needs.

Other Interest Sites

The Royal Photographic Society was founded in 1853 'to promote the Art and Science of Photography', a mission it continues to this day. Membership is open to everyone interested in photography in the UK and throughout the world, be they amateur or professional, artist or scientist, young or old.

FIAP is an international federation which affiliates as operational members, the national associations of photography. Photographers must contact the representative federation in their country. Since September 2004, FIAP allows regional and local associations to become individual members, with reduced rights, ask for details.