Bianca's Show Reports (Kertellas Voulez Vous)

This list only highlights the results obtained at Championship shows, they do not include the many Best Of Breed, Group, and Best In Show wins at open shows.

DateShowJudgeClassReport & Classification
05/11/2011Murcia National CAC Ann Johansson
Puppy1 MB
06/11/2011Murcia International CAC/CACIB
Jeannette Larive (FR)
Puppy1 MB, MC
03/12/2011Alicante National CACFrank Kane (GB)
Puppy1 MB, MC
03/12/2011Alicante International CAC/CACIB Diogo Ramalho
Puppy1 MB, MC
18/02/2012Granada National CACMartin Baskaran Soto
Junior1 Exc, CCJ
19/02/2012Granada International CAC/CACIB Juan NavedaJunior1 Exc, CCJ
31/03/2012Zaragoza National CACEugene Yerusalemski (RU)Junior2 Exc
01/04/2012Zaragosa International CAC/CACIBCarlos RenauJunior1 Exc, CCJ, MJ, MR(BOB)
22/04/2012Murcia Cieza National CACSeamus OatsJunior1 Exc, CCJ
27/05/2012Madrid RSCE CAC/CACIBRony DoedijnsJunior2 Exc
24/10/2012Malaga National CACNadija Timmerman (NL)
Intermediate1 Exc, CAC
10/11/2012Murcia National CAC Catherine Lebret (FR)
Intermediate1 Exc, RCAC
11/11/2012Murcia International CAC/CACIBAdrian ArgenteIntermediate1 Exc, CAC, RCACIB
24/12/2012Talavera RSCE CAC/CACIB
Intermediate2 Exc(Q)
08/12/2012Alicante National CACJose Vidal
Intermediate1 Exc, CAC
09/12/2012Alicante International CAC/CACIB Carlos Renau
Intermediate1 Exc, RCAC, RCACIB
21/04/2013Murcia Cieza National CAC
Maria Lorenzo
Open1 Exc, CAC, MR(BOB), 1st Group 9
11/05/2013Elvas International (Portugal)
Rui Oliveira (PT)
Open1 Exc, CAC, CACIB, MR(BOB)
21/04/2013Badahoz International CAC/CACIB Joyce O'Connor (IE)
Open1 Exc, CAC, CACIB
15/06/2013Castellon National CAC
Suncica Lazic (RS)
Open1 Exc, CAC, MR(BOB)
16/06/2013Castellon International CAC/CACIB Angel SotocaOpen1 Exc, CAC, RCACIB
29/09/2013Granada Artafe National CAC
Angel GarachOpen1 Exc, CAC, MR(BOB)
19/10/2013Malaga National CAC
Anna Mesto MartinOpen1 Exc, CAC
20/10/2013Malaga International CAC/CACIB Linda Volarikova (SL)Open1 Exc, CAC, CACIB
09/11/2013Murcia National CAC
Juan CarreroOpen1 Exc, CAC
10/11/2013Murcia International CAC/CACIB Adriana Bocca Griffo (IT)Open1 Exc, CAC, RCACIB
15/02/2014Granada National CAC Claudio de Guliani (IT)Open1 Exc, CAC, MR(BOB)
16/02/2014Granada International CAC/CACIB Juan NavedaOpen1 Exc, CAC, CACIB
30/03/2014Cieza International CAC/CACIB Ann Christin Johansson (SE)Open1 Exc, CAC, CACIB
11/05/2014Elvas International (Portugal) Zeferino Silva (PT)Open1 Exc, CAC, CACIB, MR(BOB), 3rd Group 9
12/05/2014Badajoz International CAC/CACIB Paul Scanlon (IE)Open1 Exc, CAC, CACIB
25/05/2014Madrid RSCE CAC/CACIB Martin Baskaran Soto
Open2 Exc(Q), RCAC
14/06/2014Castellon National CAC Juan Naveda
Open1 Exc, RCAC
15/06/2014Castellon International CAC/CACIB Carmen Navarro
Open1 Exc, CAC, CACIB
05/10/2014Talvera RSCE CAC/CACIB Jose Miguel Doval Sanchez
Open2 Exc(Q), RCAC
06/12/2014Alicante National CAC Billie Kneale-Kellogg (USA)
Open1 Exc, CAC
07/12/2014Alicante International CAC/CACIB Evgeny Kuplyauskas (RU)
Open1 Exc
20/04/2015Cieza National CAC Eve Nielsen (SE)
Open1 Exc, CAC, MR(BOB)
09/05/2015Elvas International CAC/CACIB
Sergei Volinets (MD)
10/05/2015Badajoz International CAC/CACIB Saija Juutilainen (FI)
Open1 Exc, CAC, CACIB, MR(BOB)
04/07/2015Castellon National CAC Angel SotocaOpen2 Exc
05/07/2015Castellon International CAC/CACIB Jose VidalOpen2 Exc
04/10/2015Talavera RSCE CAC/CACIB Lisbeth Mach (CH)
Open2 Exc(Q), RCAC
07/11/2015Murcia National CAC Carlos Saevich (AR)
Open1 Exc, CAC
08/11/2015Murcia International CAC/CACIB Jeannette Larive (FR)
Open1 Exc, CAC, RCACIB
05/12/2015Alicante National CAC Claudio De Giuliani (IT)
Open1 Exc, CAC
06/12/2015Alicante International CAC/CACIB Ana Mesto Martin
Open2 Exc, RCAC
07/05/2016Elvas International CAC/CACIB Rony Doedjins (NL)
Open1 Exc, CAC, RCACIB
08/05/2016Badajoz International CAC/CACIB Kornelija Butrimova (LT)
Open1 Exc, CAC, CACIB
22/05/2016Madrid RSCE CAC/CACIB Carlos Fernandez-Renau
Open2 Exc, RCAC





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