Nico's Show Reports (Kertellas Hombre De Negro)

This list only highlights the results obtained at Championship shows, they do not include the many wins at open shows.

DateShowJudgeClassReport & Classification
20/04/2015Cieza National CAC Eve Nielsen (SE)
Minor Puppy1 MB, MMC(Best Puppy)
09/05/2015Elvas International CAC/CACIB Sergei Vilinets (MD)
Minor Puppy1 MB, MMC(Best Puppy)
10/05/2015Badajoz International CAC/CACIB Saija Juutilainen (FI)
PuppyB (I was very naughty)
04/07/2015Castellon National CAC Angel SotocaPuppy1 MB, MRCC
05/07/2015Castellon International CAC/CACIB Jose VidalPuppy1 MB, MRCC, 1st Group 9, 3rd BIS Puppy
05/07/2015Talavera RSCE CAC/CACIB Lisbeth MachJuniorMB (I was a very naughty boy again!)
07/11/2015Murcia National CAC Carlos Saevich (AR)
Junior1 Exc, CCJ, MJ
08/11/2015Murcia International CAC/CACIB Jeannette Larive (FR)
Junior1 Exc, CCJ, MJ
05/12/2015Alicante National CAC Claudio De Giuliani (IT)
Junior2 Exc
06/12/2015Alicante International CAC/CACIB Ana Mesto Martin
Junior1 Exc, CCJ, MJ
20/02/2016Granada National CAC Enrique Mate Duran
Junior1 Exc, CCJ, MJ
21/02/2016Granada International CAC/CACIB Zaferino Silva (PT)
Junior1 Exc, CCJ, MJ
02/04/2016Talavera National CAC Carmen Navarro
Intermediate1 Exc, CAC, MR (BOB)
03/04/2016Talavera International CAC/CACIB Carmen GuisadoIntermediate1 Exc, CAC, CACIB, MR (BOB)
17/04/2016Murcia National CAC Svein Bjarne Helgesen (NO)Intermediate1 Exc, CAC, MR (BOB)
24/04/2016Irun International CAC/CACIBEnrique Mate DuranJunior1 Exc, CCJ, MJ, Crufts Qualified
07/05/2016Elvas International CAC/CACIB Rony Doedjins (NL)
Intermediate1 Exc, CAC, CACIB
08/05/2016Badajoz International CAC/CACIB Kornelija Butrimova (LT)
Intermediate1 Exc, CAC, CACIB, BOS
22/05/2016Madrid RSCE CAC/CACIB Carlos Fernandez-Renau
Intermediate1 Exc, RCAC, RCACIB
17/09/2016Gibraltar International GCC/CACIB Lee Cox (GB)
Open2 Exc, RGCC
18/09/2016Gibraltar International GCC/CACIBCatherine Lebret (BG)
Open1 Exc, GCC, RCACIB
02/10/2016Jaen National CACDick McCoy (IR)
Intermediate1 Exc, CAC, MR (BOB)
12/11/2016Murcia National CACMaite Loenzo
Open1 Exc, CAC, MR (BOB)
13/11/2016Murcia International CAC/CACIBSalvo Tripoli (IT)
Open1 Exc, CAC, CACIB, BOS
03/12/2016Alicante National CACNancy Liebes (US)
Open1 Exc, CAC, BOS
04/12/2016Alicante International CAC/CACIBJanelle Robins (AU)
Open1 Exc, CAC, CACIB, MR (BOB)






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