Welcome to QDigital Imaging

I didn't start taking photography seriously until the mid-nineties once digital photography came to the fore. We, David and I, had our own darkroom which I found magical but my downfall was the enlarger work, so I went digital and have never looked back as it allows so much creativity. I use Nikon DSLR's and lenses, plus for carrying everyday a Panasonic Lumix.

I achieved my LBIPP qualifications in 1999 and since then I have attained my LRPS and AFIAP distinctions, and more recently my EFIAP disctinction and have had several images selected for EPOD publication. I live in Spain and now do my photography for pleasure as well as showing my poodles here in Spain. After a photographic holiday in France at French Photographic Holidays I have added some images.

Please enjoy browsing my images and if interested in purchasing any prints please contact me.